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Phone: 330-614-3634


Yeram Leonard

Yeram is either culturally confused or built to be a bridge. Although most of her childhood was spent in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, by eighteen, she was transplanted in fifteen different countries from K-12 and lived ten years in South Korea before moving to the US in 2015. Married with a young daughter, she calls Grand Rapids home. She is a foodie and enjoys being outdoors. Her exposure and interest in real estate began in 2016 when she entered the world of escrow in a title company--a neutral third party that worked directly with realtors, lenders, and customers involved in real estate transactions. With a master’s in social innovation, she believes that no matter how advanced technology can bring the world digitally together, there is something special about organic human relationships. Without relationships, there is no innovation. Applying this to real estate, she prioritizes people and their best interest, and offers custom-based attention to detail in the process of finding her client’s home sweet home. She is fluent in both English and Korean so she can serve a broad spectrum of people.

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