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Phone: 330-614-3634


Yeram Leonard

I bring together a unique blend of cultural experiences, having grown up amidst the jungles of Papua New Guinea and transplanted in fifteen different countries during my formative years. After a decade in South Korea, I made the United States my home in 2015, settling in Grand Rapids with my husband and daughter. I am a foodie and love the outdoors. My career in real estate began with escrow services in 2016, where I honed my skills in building genuine relationships with clients, realtors, and lenders. Armed with a master's degree in social innovation, I deeply value the transformative power of authentic human connections in today's digital age. I firmly believe that innovation springs from meaningful relationships, a belief I embody in my real estate practice. Fluent in both English and Korean, I take pride in providing tailored, detail-oriented service to diverse communities, ensuring every client sells and finds their perfect 'home sweet home’.

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