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Our stylebook is devoted to sharing with you the best style ideas for your home. We see countless homes and are always talking with buyers and sellers. Here's what we've learned from years in the industry. 

Minimize Clutter

Pay close attention to details and do your best to minimize clutter in your home. Remove all personalized art such as family portraits, signs ("The Johnsons") etc. You want buyers to see a neutral setting where they can picture their family.

Notice the minimalist approach to this kitchen. Keep as much counterspace freed as possible.

Put what you won't use in a week in a box and store away. Buyers want to see space in linen closets, bedroom closets, etc. Where possible, keep 6 inches of headroom on every shelf. Help buyers see they can live in your house simply and easily. Moving is always a great time to purge what we all need to toss anyway.

Furniture Arranging

When arranging furniture, keep in mind traffic patterns and focal points. The goal is to add warmth and intimacy, but not too many furniture pieces.

Keep the weight of the room balanced by keeping color schemes simple. Accent colors should be limited to one or two, and should work well when moving from one room to the next.

Also keep in mind the function of an adjacent space. Do you want conversation to be encouraged between two areas? Or perhaps you'd rather keep them defined as separate. This will determine how you approach the arrangement of both areas.

Exterior Ideas is a great resource for deciding exterior colors and materials for your home.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is best achieved by keeping things neat and simple with small pops of color. Make sure main entrances are swept and add a welcoming element or two. Think simple. Remember that driving by your home offers a first impression. Make it a positive one.


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